Case Study 4 – Guildford Grammar School


The Civil Group has and continues to be closely involved in the redevelopment of the Guildford Grammar campus. Activities have included the construction of a new (signalised) intersection onto Great Eastern Highway and internal access roads, together with the establishment of new sporting facilities. These works were required to be carried out with a minimum of disruption to school activities, including the drop-off and collection of students every day. The extent of knowledge regarding the location of existing service infrastructure was limited, requiring an ability to be responsive and adaptive to “surprises”. The negotiations involved with securing Main Roads agreement to the intersection works were also considerable.


Two significant and complex contracts totalling about $7.5 million were completed under traffic conditions and around the primary school that remained in operation during the whole time.  The contract for the ovals and carparks was almost 20 sub-contracts running simultaneously as sections of the Campus were affected and works took place.  Hundreds of small changes occurred during the works not only to change the scope of work to deal with services and materials not shown on any plans that had in some cases been buried for almost a century.


The One Campus project achieved its primary goal – namely to join the senior and junior campus with the playing fields and to provide the latest and best playing surfaces for a range of  sports.  The signalised intersection meant that access to the School and its playing fields was dramatically improved and certainly safer.