Green Power, Smart Water, Connectivity, Distinctive Design and Community Wellbeing – probably not topics you’d immediately associate with a civil engineering firm…but we’re not typical.

As thinking engineers, The Civil Group aims to deliver viable and highly marketable products through realisation of ‘triple bottom line’ objectives of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The implementation of environmental sustainability initiatives can be as simple as the extraordinarily effective aquifer storage and recovery system we devised for a large retirement village in Mandurah, or our innovative approach to the control and reuse of groundwater, which is located on the surface every winter, on an 800 hectare residential development in the Peel Region.

The Civil Group adds real economic, social and environmental value to projects based on overarching objectives including:-

  • Economic viability, including improvement to the local community
  • Outcomes that are ‘fit for purpose’
  • Connectivity with the surrounding environment
  • Balancing social and community-based needs
  • A broad range of land uses and infrastructure integrated into the environment, without long-term negative impact on the environment.
  • A reduced carbon footprint per person
  • Reduced energy and water requirements

The Civil Group’s innovative solutions aim to:

  1. deliver on ‘triple bottom line’ objectives of environmental, social and economic sustainability;
  2. establish market leadership in sustainability outcomes; and
  3. facilitate the integration of engineering and planning disciplines and to monitor performance against established sustainability objectives covering a broad range of issues.