Thinking Engineers

A thinking engineer is an innovator who, through smart thinking, can increase commercial value, realise cost savings and expedite the approval process to deliver a sustainable outcome that works for all stakeholders.

Thinking Engineers think differently. We see opportunities where other engineers don’t, and offer and explore options where others only provide a single solution.

The Civil Group starts all of its projects by thinking about the outcome or product and then we influence the journey to that goal. This is not a step-by-step wait-and-see approach, but one where every phase of the development is considered in terms of its influence on the outcome or the product.

This is a remarkably simple and logical way of tackling any project but it’s rarely undertaken.

It’s no secret that taking an innovative approach and employing strategic thinking can add significant value to a project, particularly in the early stages. To add the most value by offering real insight and innovative solutions you need to have a creative mind together with smart thinking and experience in order to see opportunities where others don’t.

We consider and measure the benefits of challenging traditional methods and the value of adopting a different and smarter approach to all aspects of the development.