Case Study 2 – Sunbury Park


The Civil Group was involved in the redevelopment of what was a plywood manufacturing factory into a small lot residential precinct, in Victoria Park. This 2.5ha site was rezoned R80, and resulted in the creation of more than 50 single residential lots. In addition to the obvious challenges of interfacing with existing residential streets and properties around the perimeter of the Site, it was located directly adjacent to the Perth-Armadale railway line and the Miller Street road bridge which straddles the railway. This project was one of a small handful of green-titles subdivision undertaken within the Town of Victoria Park, which brought its own challenges in trying to manage the expectations of the local government.


The project started with a large demolition contract to remove the many buildings on the site and large paved areas.  The site was checked for contamination before and after the demolition contact and several small areas were remediated where fuel and oil and even termite spray had been spilled.  Some clever techniques were adopted to ensure that the contractors were not wasting clean sand fill by screening it out of the unsuitable material that was taken to the tip.


This infill or brownfields development was successful because considerable care was taken to ensure the ultimate housing and lot layout was in keeping with the existing environment.  The site has taken advantage of the railway and other strong transport links.