The Civil Group is a thinking engineer

This means we are innovators who see the big picture and are not afraid to push the envelope and challenge standards. We are focused on realising commercial value and cost savings and on achieving timely, successful outcomes.

A thinking engineer is not one that asks what or how

A thinking engineer asks why

We will actively support and encourage you to achieve your vision and development goals.

Operating in the Western Australian land development industry since the 1970’s, The Civil Group’s senior team has helped to shape Perth and Western Australia.

The Civil Group provides an expansive range of civil engineering services to land developers and state and local authorities. We offer:

  1. strategic civil consulting
  2. civil engineering
  3. engineering management and
  4. contract administration services.

The Civil Group’s outcome focused civil engineers and designers are led by innovative thinking. We are focused on developing opportunities and committed to delivering commercially focused and environmentally responsible solutions.

The Civil Group has undertaken a wide range of complex projects over many years and always strives to ensure each project is a showcase of what can be done to achieve better, more viable, more sustainable and more liveable outcomes.