Commercial Outcomes

– Everything we do is outcomes focused
– Every decision we make and every step we take is targeted to achieve sustainable commercial outcomes

The Civil Group starts every project by seeking to understand the desired outcome – what our client wishes to achieve.

The Civil Group starts by thinking about the end result or outcome our client wishes to achieve and then works back from there to engineer a roadmap for the project.

A modern civil engineer must think about more than just technical compliance. Engineers must understand what makes commercial sense and be able to add value through exploring alternatives, solving problems and identifying opportunities as they arise.

The very best engineering outcome is not just a collection of roads, services and retaining walls, but is often the unseen resolution of a myriad of demands and conflicting requirements generated through smart thinking and ingenuity.

As thinking engineers, The Civil Group seeks ways to innovate and find a better ways to solve engineering roadblocks. We believe in challenging accepted standards and processes where we think there is value in doing so. We continually ask β€œis there a better way, a more cost effective way, or an opportunity to add value?”

The Civil Group enjoys taking a lead role in developing and implementing smart and effective engineering initiatives that realise viable, marketable solutions for our clients.

We believe there are five important elements of a successful outcome:

  1. Understanding what the client wishes to achieve
  2. Achieving real innovation in the project in a way that enhances commercial value
  3. Creation of attractive marketable lots (product)
  4. Creation of a development that is environmentally sensitive, and
  5. Achieving sustainability goals