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Civil Group Strategic Services

Civil Group Strategic Services

Because there’s no such thing as the ‘easy land’ anymore, there’s also no such thing any longer as ‘typical’ engineering solutions.  Both have gone the way of the Dodo. With the increasing complexity of development sites comes the greater need for strategic engineering thinking upfront to ensure developers and builders get the best commercial outcome for every new development project.

The Civil Group’s proprietary Strategic Thinking Framework (STF) and the resulting Engineering Strategic Development Plan (ESDP) provides our Clients with a true upfront assessment of what the product is that is to be created and then focuses the effort to achieve that goal.

The ESDP examines all services, earthworks – both the subgrade and the finished fill levels, site classifications, sewer, water, stormwater drainage, electricity and communications, etc. in conjunction with a management plan for the likely houses and their constructed form (e.g. footings, structure etc.) finished floor and ground levels so as to prepare a Plan that will ensure as the development expands it does so knowing each new development stage fits with the ones adjoining.

To find out how the Civil Groups Strategic Thinking Framework and ESDP can benefit your project contact Peter Bowyer or call for more information or check out his profile on LinkedIn.

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