The Civil Group Welcomes Gold Estates


We are pleased to announce that Richard Noble & Co (project managers for Gold Estates Holdings Pty Ltd since 1938) has commissioned The Civil Group to provide consulting engineering services for residential development projects in Success, Hammond Park and Cardup. These projects will produce in the order of 1,700 high quality residential lots.

As Geoff Anderson, the Chairman of Gold Estates said in the foreword to Michael Gregg’s and Juliet Ludbrook’s book (The Real Gold), “It is rare for a company to exist for more than 100 years, but even more so when it is a property developer…” It is even rarer for the company’s closely linked project management company to be in existence for a similar period. Richard Noble & Co (established in 1913) and Gold Estates have shared a close relationship of more than 75 years that has produced memorable projects in Mount Lawley, Maylands, Trigg, Leeming, Atwell and Success (Thomsons Lake and Magnolia Gardens) over the years.

The Civil Group is proud to be associated with these two companies and looks forward to a long relationship.


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